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The history of our company, as in many other cases, begins with the dream of one person, Todd A. Feldman, a lawyer from the U.S. and lover of the Spanish language and Spain. He moved from New York to Madrid in the 1980’s, where he had the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious law firms. His translations stood out from the onset for their high quality, reliability and speed. Following eight years of practicing as a freelance translator, working for law firms, banks, consulting firms and mutual fund managers, the volume of work he was receiving made it necessary to take the next leap forward in his professional career.

Hence, in 1997 the company Todd Feldman Traducción was born, and in the year 2000, Pablo Baztán joined the company as manager in charge of production. Pablo is one of Spain’s first university graduates with a degree in Translation and Interpretation. He also became a sworn translator by passing the rigorous examination held by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together, Todd and Pablo went about selecting and creating a select group of highly-specialized translators with extensive experience with whom to build a team capable of offering only the best.

This was the seed which in 2011 led to Sintaxia, a language services firm unique in the market. A place in which doing things well is not a challenge, but rather an obligation required by the professional stature of our clients and the major importance of the texts they entrust to us.

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