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Sintaxia’s staff of translators is one of its most distinguishing features. The fact is that nowadays, both in Spain and in many other countries, the customary model of translation agency tends to be an intermediation service between clients and various freelance translators to whom the work is forwarded. This business model may be economically efficient, due to reduced capital needs and structural costs. However, it presents serious deficiencies in nearly all other aspects, especially quality.

Sintaxia is not a translation agency, but rather a language services firm. What’s the difference? The differences between both concepts far outweigh the similarities, since, although the material to translate may be the same, the manner of doing so is totally different.

Sintaxia’s offices are located in the financial center of Madrid, housing a team of translators whose members have passed a strict and rigorous selection process. This team prepares more than 90% of the translations entrusted to us by our clients, thereby affording major advantages to our clients, as summarized under "our values".

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