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Sintaxia is a specialized language services firm. Our work is aimed at very demanding clients who require highly specialized translations for use in complex transactions. For this reason, the most important law firms, banks, mutual fund managers and multinational corporations from a variety of sectors entrust their documentation to us.

A professional whose work starts from a translated text, or who must present the results of his work to foreign clients, is well aware of the difference between a simple translation – cheap and fast, but of questionable quality – and a translation prepared by first-rate professionals, who understand their clients’ needs and the specific purposes of the text being translated.

A bad translation can make extra work for the professional client, requiring him to invest a great deal of time and effort in reviewing and correcting the basic text submitted by the translator before being able to work with that text.

Ultimately, when the translation is the end product of a production process, the damage a bad translation can inflict on a professional’s impeccable reputation or on the image of a company is incalculable. For example, the texts of a publicly-traded company or the earnings it reports to its shareholders form part of its reputation and professional image.

Sintaxia is the logical choice for clients who value quality, speed, coherence, specialization, and above all else, a job well done. We know you are that client for whom a simple translation is not enough. Please read on and get to know us – we trust we will be able to assist you.  

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